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C57BL6/J mice were treated with GW0742(10mg/kg) to promote the reverse transport of cholesterol. GW0742(10mg/kg) treated C57BL6/J mice promoted the excretion of HDL cholesterol in feces, although it had no effect on HDL cholesterol metabolism. GW0742 inhibited the expression of NPC1L1mRNAChemicalbook in the small intestine of mice. Male BALB/c mice treated with GW0742(30mg/kg) significantly reduced leukocyte recruitment to lung space before inducing lpS-mediated lung inflammation. The protein and mRNA levels of the pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-6, IL-1? and TNF-? were significantly decreased by the bronchoalveolar lavage solution treated with GW0742(30mg/kg).
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